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Gush Shalom

Uri Avnery
A Statement of Gush Shalom

Peace will come on the following basis:
  • The State of Palestine side-by-side with the State of Israel
  • Jerusalem – Capital of the two states
  • The Green Line – the border of peace
  • A just solution to the refugee problem

That’s what we said dozens of years ago.
They said that we are a marginal group.
Now all the peace negotiations are being conducted on the basis of these principles.
But: This is not the time to cease struggling. On the contrary: this is the time to struggle even more resolutely for achieving a peace that will realize these principles fully, honestly and courageously. 
This is the time to make sure that irresponsible politicians, paying lip-service to these principles, will not turn them into hollow phrases.
If we really desire "the end of the conflict", we must pay the full price.

ua / hagalil.com / 28-12-2000



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